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Terms of Use

The use of this portion of this website is with the strict understanding that the Questions and Answers contained are for general information only, and that the Answers may not be complete or accurate with all of the ongoing changes of law either in California or in other states. NO ONE should ever rely on this website or these Questions and Answers for legal advise. Only an experienced family law attorney is qualified to render particular advice to anyone in any of the myriad of circumstances and applicable laws and procedures that exist in each case.

By opening and using this section of this website, the user is agreeing that they are NOT relying on these Questions and Answers for legal advise for their circumstances, and that they will NOT attempt to hold Steve Wessels or this website responsible for the accuracy of these Answers or for any subsequent use of these Answers for their own case or circumstances.
These Answers are only intended for general information and use by the individual, and are not to be copied or distributed in any other form or for any other person or entity.

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