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I was raised on a farm in East Central Illinois with six siblings, and enlisted in the Army for four years in late 1966 to avoid the draft. I was trained as a North Vietnamese Linguist, and spent a year in Viet Nam, with a year in Japan and a side-trip to Thailand for three months. After the service I worked for three years as a deputy sheriff in Northern California, which triggered my desire to become an attorney.

Iíve been involved in all aspects of family law litigation since early 1981, with the primary emphasis on custody cases, and Iíve helped a number of families with parental terminations / step-parent and private adoption issues. With the lack of legislative guidelines, I created on-demand drug testing standards for family law cases in 1986 and began suggesting them in several counties. I also hosted an hour-long weekly call-in talk show on a local Christian AM radio station from 1987 to 1994, and have occasionally testified in the legislature on varying issues. Iíve also hosted a number of parental rights seminars, and should have my first book on family law litigation in print by the end of 2008. Itís titled The Lighted Switch and should be available on my website shortly.

Professionally, Iíve been a member of the nationwide Christian Legal Society since 1976, and was the Sacramento area lead attorney in the 1994 statewide lawsuits against the California Department of Education to stop the wholesale invasion of parental and childrenís rights with the California Learning Assessment Tests, known as the CLAS tests.
Personally, Iíve helped launch two children and three step-children, and began writing poetry in February of 1997. I learned the absolute necessity of surrendering my will to God in 1976 and currently attend a local Covenant church with my family. Iím currently working on four more books for strengthening marriages.

Requests for speaking engagements about family law matters or divorce recovery workshops or for seminars on these topics are invited. My deepest desire is to show teens and young married couples the path to great marital relationships that thrive the way God intended for us to live.


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