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by Steve Wessels © 10-24-06
In memory of Token

I was sitting in the barbershop last Friday

            waiting for the kids haircuts to be finished

                        when he walked in.


He looked like an “Uncle Ben”.  He wasn’t old enough to retire

            but the wisps of gray showed he’d been around the block a few times.

                        His demeanor was quiet but I noticed something more.

                                    There was pain in his eyes.  And sorrow. 

                                                A lot of sorrow…..


I tried to concentrate on the National Geographic in my hand

            but my heart went out to him as he sat in the chair,

                        the barber pleasantly chatting as tears silently fell with the hair.

                                    She was gently trying to distract him.


He paid with a tip and softly offered “Thanks” with a broken voice

            before walking out to his car but then he

                        sat there at the wheel for awhile,


                        No one else noticed. 


When I walked out with my boys I started over towards his car

            to ask if there was anything I could do,

                        but he slowly drove away before I could get there,

                                    the streaming tears still echoing his grief. 

                        So I just prayed.


Lord, I’m sorry I didn’t go out sooner

            to ask, to touch his shoulder,

                        to kneel beside his car door

                                    to help him seek Your caring touch.

                        It’s now up to You to comfort him.


Please forgive me for not being obedient, but

            please send someone else in the power of the Spirit

                        to help him NOW!


But I also pray give me more courage to speak out more promptly,

            to do what I can to help others without fail,

                        to spread the Great News of Your Heart,

                                    to touch a shoulder, to carry a burden.

                        He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother!

            Remind me to pray for him often. 


How do I know but what I won’t turn a corner

            And that Uncle Ben won’t be ME?



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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