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By Steve Wessels © 6-3-06
For Amber from Heb. 11:6


We have an addiction in this society – something guaranteed by our Constitution –

            the right for the pursuit of happiness. 


Most of the successful commercials shout the positive, joy-filled life,

            the fleeting pleasures, the abundance and the blessings

                        while ignoring the reality of sorrows and suffering.


Great marriages are constructed one day at a time

            by two inherently selfish persons, who choose

                        to agree with each other and with God

            to enter into a Holy Contract,

with each giving up their rights for the benefit of the other. 


Great families are likewise constructed day by day as self-less parents

            choose to sacrifice their time and money and love, their lives,

                        for the benefit of their children.


But what of the thorns?  What when a child turns a cold shoulder

            from a hardened heart, disdaining the decades of showered love?


God allows us to suffer from the natural consequences of our conduct,

            the thorns of our sins, which are many…….

But He also asks that we willingly accept the thorny crowns bestowed

            by suffering and sorrow for the sins and benefit of others,

                        just as Jesus did for us.


            What will you choose?


I choose to love the thorns of life

to look for Purpose in the strife

to see if I can really see

Your plans with all humility,


to listen for Your every thought

Your Spirit’s Holy guidance bought

with the blood of Your Dear Son

with thorns secured, the battle won,


the choice to love the thorns so deep

and with the pain to softly weep

the tear filled prayers for other’s good,

despite the past, misunderstood.


And though I’ll never comprehend

the mysteries of Your Holy blend

of love and thorns within my life

I’ll choose to worship midst the strife


and fully trust You will someday say:

Well done, My son, you really prayed,

now enter in to My sweet space -

your thorns will bring eternal peace


to your own child, just wait and see

she’ll come around eventually

to see My grace in her own pace

before she starts to run My race. 



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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