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by Steve Wessels
Copyrighted © 4-15-98

This poem’s to explain in simple verse

the truth of God, about the curse

of sin that so infects our lives,

and of His gifts to help us thrive.


In Romans twelve, six through eight

God lists His service gifts so great,

personality fingerprints,

that He’s given to each servant


to minister to all others’ needs,

in this world that needs good deeds,

to shine a light or open a door

of love or peace, and so much more.


These seven gifts at times overlap

from time to time as He does clap

to supply His peoples’ needs

in the lives of His true seeds.


Prophets are those who clearly hear

His gentle, cherrie, voice so clear

to encourage or instruct

so we won’t His Song disrupt.


Givers aren't concerned with things

for they know that tomorrow brings

more chances for Him to provide

what He said He’d give in stride.


Servers are those who on us wait

to bring us food on such clean plates

or mop the floors or clean the grates,

with faith to win, to cast aside "fate".


Exhorters are such special friends

who care for us, and won’t truth bend,

or only say what we will hear,

but give to us His Truth so dear.


Business leaders should always know

of their need to lead and show

by their deeds, integrity,

running programs for His needs.


Teachers with such passion teach

His truths to all who they can reach,

to turn from sin all those who hear,

to do His Word with hearts of cheer.


Mercy persons empathize

with much suffering in our lives,

comforting oft the souls and minds

of all who in their path they find.


There is one more thing to know,

if these special gifts we'll show.

Business men won’t so clearly see

the Mercy person’s heartfelt pleas.


Administrators simply can’t allow

what they need for use tomorrow

for Givers’ need to give away,

tomorrow’s seeds must be delayed.


These gifts are so much like our eyes

‘cause we’re all blind on one side.

Faithful courage demands we see

His gifts balanced with humility,


so those who have the other gifts

can work with us in different shifts,

as body parts should always do,

work as one in Him with clues.


Just as differing fingertips

have unmatched swirls and diff'rent rifts

from all others that He’s made,

no other has your gifts in trade.


In His way He has so given

each of His gifts from His Heaven,

for our daily use in life

to guide others thru the strife.


Let me also do suggest

for four tapes you should invest

twenty bucks  it takes to send

for tapes taught by God’s own friend,


Harley Allen, who clearly taught

these gifts in order, sequenced lot,

 with much humor, truth so clear,

of these gifts to clearly hear.


Call or write a letter today

to Capital Christian Center’s library

9460 Micron Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95826.



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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