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By Steve Wessels © 5-14-04
From Ephesians 3:20

Have you ever balanced a dime on edge? 

            Itís not easy when its edges have been worn down by life. 

But isnít that like life, the need to balance

            The fears and doubts with faith and hope?  

                        Doesnít the daily sunrise spread warmth and trust

                                    To overcome the darkness, the fears and doubts? 

Iíve struggled for decades trying to walk by faith,

            Trying not to make a mistake, so cautiously going through

                        The intersections of life while looking for the roadsigns of His SpiritÖ..

But I fear Iíve been too reluctant, too timid,

            Too afraid of my own sin-nature cavities

                        To risk much for Him.

And now as I approach my sixth decade, Iím haunted by

            The missed chances, the lost opportunities,

                        Knowing that Iíve failed to act when I should have.

I didnít stop to speak that word of encouragement

            To that priest walking with head and heart bowed down.

                        I havenít poured out my utmost each day,

                                    Helping others alongside my pathÖÖ..

Do I dare dream big now for His sake, after decades of failures?

            Can He still use me in a mighty way?

                        Do I dare challenge God to bless me

                                    So I can be His funnel to others? 


Isnít life like a series of tennis matches?  The more we practice,

            The better our shots and walk of faith,

                        The more success we have at our lifeís true avocation,

                                    Which is to reflect His glory and truth in all we do?

Doesnít the Lord sometimes sit on the sideline as our Coach,

            By His Word instructing how to put a backspin on life?

Isnít He the Judge in some games, patrolling the boundaries?

            Doesnít He sometimes play on the other side of the net

                        Within a thunderstorm of problems,

                                    Waiting to see how quickly weíll catch on

                        To the circumstance Heís tossed our way,

            Waiting with a great big grin for us to whack the thorn aside

By returning to Him our backspin of sweaty praise?

Isnít He sometimes our doubles Partner,

            When weíre tired, needing rest, when He knows

                        We need help to withstand the onslaught

                                    Of Satan and his team? 

                        Except He NEVER makes a mistake, 

            He NEVER drops a shot.

We know Heís already won the game.


We all know people who, like me, have missed out in the game of life

            Because we were too concerned about making mistakes,

                        Too timid and cautious in our walk of faithÖÖ

Isnít it time for God-sized dreams, to take Ephesians 3:20 to heart,

            To Challenge God to give us His thoughts?

                        Am I dreaming big enough? 

                                    Are you?



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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