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By Steve Wessels @ Hispoetry.com © 12-25-07
For my Lord


T’was the night before Christ’s birth when all through His House

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The tourists were all snug in all Bethlehem’s beds

With visions of census and family ahead.

Their prayers had been said by those who believed

And asked that Messiah would soon be received.


The angels were all hushed as they waited in awe

for God’s plan of the ages to be born in the straw.

Our flocks in the hills were all settled down too,

With our kids and the lambs and the rams and the ewes, 

when out on the hillside there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my post to see what was the matter.


Fear of their power flowed down to my knees

as the holiest of choirs sang out their decrees.

Away to the manger I flew in a dash

To see what God wrought through a maiden so brash -

the light of The Star on the newly-born face

Gave luster to glories of mercy and grace


When what to our wondering eyes should appear

but a God-Man, the Savior, a baby so dear.

I followed His life as He grew with his peers,

A Servant to all with the courage to cheer –

Without a budget or sermons in mind

He showed how to live, and how to be kind.


He took some fishermen and a tax agent too

Encouraged them all with His Spirit anew.

On Simon, on James, on John and on Phil

On Matt and Andy, Bartholomew too,

To learn of My purpose, to know of My will

To find out My joys that you will fulfill.


T’was the night of the Passover feast

He knew He still faced the dreaded sin-beast

‘To the top of the hill, to the top of the Cross

Now dash away, dash away, all sin and all loss’.

To the grave that seemed so final and cold

Hell thought it had Him securely in hold.


T’was the night before Easter as the sun did arise

The women were shocked by the angels’ surprise.

They ran and they told, then came the men,

The truth of the Resurrection ‘Amen!’

What He foretold is the ultimate truth

The war over sin was won with the proof!’


To know of His Spirit and to be so alive

To live with a purpose and live with a stride.

Then up through the clouds He slowly arose

but left us the Pentecost Spirit’s sweet rose.

It’s now our turn to spread His good cheer

 For all of creation and heaven to hear.


Tis the night before eternity’s dawn


Then in a twinkling we’ll all start to cheer

The Last Trump announcing ‘The end is now here!’

The sword of His Word He’ll hold in his teeth

The smoke of the incense swirls round like a wreath,

With joy we will see Him with nothing to dread

Tho’ He’s dressed as a warrior from His foot to His head


His eyes, how they’ll twinkle, His dimples, how merry

He’ll sing and He’ll dance with believers so cherry.

We’ll feast at His wedding, a banquet so great

Then rest in His bedrooms of peace free of hate.

We’ll hear Him exclaim as He takes to His throne

Merry Christ-mass to all, and to all, welcome Home!’



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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