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By Steve Wessels

Dedicated to my Lord, who gave me Carol

Copyrighted © 10-31-98



A dear friend asked the other day,

but I couldnít fin the words to say

how married life is the second time Ďround,

I thought for a moment, stared at the ground,


then all I could show was a mile-wide grin

which eloquently told of my chagrin

for I couldnít find the words to describe

the Harmony Iíd found with my new bride:


magnificent peace and power within,

of God-centered love, so free from sin,

marvelous harmony of body and soul,

our spirits within our Lordís control.


And so my friend just shook her head,

and smiled at harmony silently said

in volumes of radiant, peaceful smiles,

I found with Carol such harmony wild.


So to my Lord I give all praise

and pray with Carol, our spirits we raise

to worship our Maker, as He deserves,

such Harmony Heís given without reserve.


This poemís to help all others know

that for such love to freely grow,

without Godís help, itís hard to win,

since love on earth is cursed by sin.



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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