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by Steve Wessels
© 5-17-99

There was a time some time ago

When life was a mess with no hope to go

On living a life of empty pain

After divorce, remorse and shame.

I opened my soul to a man named Scott

And asked him to pray about my life’s dryrot

Through tears of loss, relationship grief

To help withstand the storms not brief,

When nothing I did mattered anymore,

For He had closed all of the doors

Of peace or love or joy or work

And left me alone within the church.

Then came in time that crucial week

When we celebrate when He was so meek

And shouldered the cross for other's sins

And died to this life, to gain within.

And with His death I identified

And wanted no more of life this side

And thought to end my earthly quest

To seek His time of eternal rest,

When life held no hope for me

While knowing it wasn't right to be

So careless ‘bout what the future held

With no more hope for my life meld.

With a Ex, who didn't care

And left me all alone to bear

The burdens of those hateful years

With unending time of endless tears.

So with Scott I then shared my pain

And my despair of earthly gain

Of joy or peace or love once more,

I wanted to walk thru next life's door.

Scott saw through all of Satan's deeds

Of how he'd robbed me of my hope seeds

But told me Sunday would surely come

With resurrection life, to know the Son

Who died for me so I could have hope

In Him alone, so I could all cope

Within this life, with all transpired,

His life became new hope inspired.


I now look back upon that time

And clearly see His love divine,

He opened up a wonderous door

With love I’d never known before,

With peace and rest, a wonderous wife

To share the burdens of this life,

With poems to write anew for Him

Freedom from all shame and sin.

I saw Scott at church the other day

And had to write this poem to say

My thanks to him for all his prayers

Which helped me in my dreary layers.

I'd like for all who read this verse

To join me with a grateful burst

Of prayers for Scott's new ministry

So the Spirit he’ll clearly see

And help all others in this life

To guide their hearts away from strife

To teach them all to clearly see

What He has planned for eternity!



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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