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by Steve Wessels
To my risen Lord, © Easter 2006

Have you ever stopped to think

            of what our world would be like

                        without Easter? 

Without the assurance of forgiveness of sin

            and of His grace and mercy and love beyond measure?

Think of a life filled with the strife and doubts and suffering,

            without the knowledge of the joy that awaits on the other side….


As a teen I so desperately wanted to be at peace,

            to escape the war that was raging within my soul

                        and the crushing loneliness of not knowing

            if someone really cared for me. 

I didn’t understand then that 

            God was burning into my soul

                        the memories of the searing tears,

            that in time I might write this

and have tender compassion for all others alongside my path

            who are trudging down that lonely, desperate road…… 


Can you imagine a life without Easter? 

            A life without knowing He cared so much for us,

                        without the assured hope and the joy of knowing

                                    that He reigns with power over sin and death,

                        that He arose victorious and is awaiting our arrival?

Don’t many in our society, in our own neighborhoods,       

            within our own family and friends

                        ignore the reality of Easter?


Oh that the bells of a million steeples would ring out

            and exclaim once again the quickening heartbeat,

                        the anticipated joy-filled outburst of song that



I thank God who has given us His Light for the path

            between war and peace, His Son Jesus Christ. 

He has conquered the fears of forever

            and washed my heart and my hands

                        with His blood and His tears.

            How can I ignore such holy love?


Surely my heart will burst with agony that

            so many of my neighbors and friends

                        will again ignore this glorious Easter

            and the message of reconciliation

and peace that He still offers to all who trust in Him.


PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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