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To David at his wedding
From John 16:
© 2-14-05
by Steve Wessels


I’m sure there’ve been some awful times
embedded within each life
when warnings from parental lips
turned into dire strife.

I TOLD YOU SO! can be so cruel
when coupled with such shame
especially when we surely know
there’s no one else to blame.

But when a mate then turns away
with utter disregard,
and vows to litigate it all
down to the bitter shard

the darkness of the longest nights
can’t hide the silent tears
when mornings filled with great remorse
turn into silent years.

You sought some help those years ago
and turned to God and friends,
you sought His Grace when all alone,
and to His will did bend.

But we are gathered here today
to celebrate new life
‘cause He caused someone so great
to be your great delight.

“I told you so” should now so ring
forever and a day
as your new joy and daily bread
becomes your morning praise


I met a man some years ago
David is his name
but through his circumstantial time
his hurricane of pain,

Because I heard a simple thought
whispered in my ear
of God’s blessings and His Hope,
and of His love so dear.

Now that deepest scars have healed
in time with love and space,
We’ve all gathered here today
to celebrate His pace.

I told you so, those years ago
that this event would be,
because He proved His word was true
and gave so much to me.

He told us so, well in advance
within Him we’d find
abundant peace and joy secure
with harmony of minds.

It’s now time to close the door
on all that’s in the past
and with these holy vows today
surrender to His blast.

The time has come to leave your friends
to start your life all over
with love fulfilled as God’s true gift
with Debbie as your lover!


PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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