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by Steve Wessels
© 9-19-98
Dedicated to my Lord, who gave me Carol


I never knew love could be so good,
that I could be so understood,
‘til this year with my new bride,
we’ve worked and played, laughed and cried.

I never knew love could be so grand,
so fantastically God planned,
with such special harmony,
that such joy could ever be.

I never knew I could fine someone,
who’d love me freely with like mind,
one who could share a look, a touch,
a caress that means so very much.

I never knew that to surrender hope,
when I could no longer cope
with the aching loneliness,
would result in God’s touch blessed.

I never knew, didn’t understand,
what God had planned for me so grand
‘til I died to all I’d dreamed,
content with Him, or so it seemed.

I never knew how much God cares,
or how He’d planned to answer prayers
for rest and peace, a special touch,
‘til God showed He cared so much.



I never knew there could be such peace,
but Jesus’ words, He did so teach
that we can have abundant life,
even midst the sin and strife.

Carol never such love complete,
or slept thru the night with rest so sweet,
as she’s done since the day we met,
tender care, heck, no sweat.

We never knew love could be such fun
midst days’ toils and clouds and sun.
Fifty years were in our past
‘fore God said “Now have a blast,

but tell My children so they’ll see
their need to see My lonely Tree,
then put Me first in all they do,
and trust Me fully, to renew.”

We never knew a faith so deep,
trust with tears to sometimes weep,
His sure promises in time,
for such love to freely rhyme.

We never knew love could be so fine,
much better than gold or such fine wine,
for love’s the essence of this life
God’s gift to us, fulfillment rife.



We never knew love could be so good
‘til God said “I understood
and gave to you each other’s hand!”
Love fulfilled, WOW, it’s grand!

This poem’s to help all understand
that yielding to God’s plans so grand
results in love and joy complete,
a taste of Heaven that is so sweet.

Trust what He said is His Holy Word
it’s trustworthy, hope assured,
fulfillment that’s much easier to find
with worship and praise of God in mind.



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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