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By Steve Wessels
Dedicated to my main squeeze Carol
© 10-8-98

Cuddles is such an appropriate name

for Carol, who’s always been so game

to work or play or show a smile

or walk and talk with me a mile.


Nicknamed “Smiley” by her peers

after years of silent tears

before into her life I came

and brought her poems to bring her fame.


She raised three children on her own

when her Ex had left the home

and piled on her tax debts so deep

softly then, she did so weep.


All that changed one day in May

A man of God came in to play.

Our hands did touch, a fuse was lit,

dead hope revived, Faith didn’t quit!


By June I’d vowed to never leave

and to her only I would cleave.

more closely than she'd ever thought

God such love and harmony brought.


God caused our lonely paths to cross

and took away the years of dross

and all the aching loneliness,

God, our lives, did surely bless


with opened eyes to clearly see,

His plans for our lives to so be

so well blended, intertwined

with fellowship and love divine,


for dreams fulfilled, so marvelous, sweet

far beyond all our hopes so meek.

Four weeks after we met she wore

a ring that bode of love and more.


But when I heard of her nickname

I sought another name as game

to clearly tell the mounting joy

she’d brought to heart of this man-boy,

 The years of yearning for that touch

of someone who’d care for me so much

and love me midst the cold and rain

or thorns of circumstantial pain,


Cuddles became her name for me,

‘cause she caused me to so see

how God had blessed our years of tears

with hope alive for future years.


Desires fulfilled, companionship,

‘til the sun in our lives dips,

hands we hold as we walk to the store

hands we’ll hold along life’s shore


and gaze across the waves of life,

hands we’ll hold as storms of strife

at times do blow outside the door

of inner peace and joy and more.


“Smiley” became her name at work

because of joys not hid on earth

as love fulfilled with harmony

became God’s touch of purity.


And yet because her gentle touch

has come to mean so very much,

“Cuddles” became an appropriate name

that fit so well because she’s game


for cuddles reserved for me alone

until we come before His Throne

and do kneel there in worship sweet

love fulfilled beyond the deep.


Cuddles is now her new nickname

for Carol, my mate, my wife is game

to travel this road of life with me

to face the future that we see,


with smiles assured, with God in mind

such harmony, we'll surely find,

with grace and love, with all the flame,

Cuddles is such an appropriate name.


PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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