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To Steven on his choice
From John 16:24
© 12-13-05 by Steve Wessels

I had a chance the other day
to chat with my son in that special way.
We talked of laws and freedoms great
from our Constitution’s weight.

I told the times in ‘Nam I’d dodged
the bullets and the mortars barrage,
of risks and choices since matured
and of sorrows, now understood.

I echoed that freedom isn’t free
without response-ability
to others who have shed their blood
on some distant battle field’s mud,

so now it’s time to take his stand,
to carry forth our flag so grand
as did his Gramps at Utah Beach
and as I did in ‘Nam’s war breach.

“Dad”, he said, “There’s lots I can do
with many jobs and kinds of schools,
but I need to know what’s inside of me,
if I can face the harsh debris.

I have to try The Hardest Thing
to face what e’er the future brings
to try the very hardest test
and give my all, my very best.

And when I stop to take a breath
to see if I can foresee my death
it seems we all do timely die
it only matters the where and why


and if I’ve lived my time on earth
fulfilling The Calling since my birth,
I really don’t want you all to cry
or waste your time with wonder-whys.

Just celebrate the times we had -
the future will be here in a tad -
I trust we’ll land in Heaven’s home
and join the worship ‘round His throne,

‘cause having tried The Hardest Thing
in Answer to the Holy King
our lives will be so Heaven spent,
just as the Lord chose His life-bent

to free us to so freely give
our lives in service, fully lived.
When you join me ‘round His Throne
we’ll stand within His Holy Home

and know that we will hear Him say:
“Well done, my sons, you’ve risked the fray,
and lived your lives in My great Call,
you both have spent your every-all.

Now enter in to My great joy
and worship with My other boys.
Eternity will be well spent
with service in My Government,

with your special gifts and skills
bending all those other’s wills
to My Spirit’s Harmony
for truth and peace eternally.

PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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