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By Steve Wessels @ Hispoetry.com © 10-3-04
For Stephanie on her birthday

How do I find the perfect phrase
that frames her perfect face and grace,
that pixie nose and size 4 frame
that captures all that’s in her name,

that booming voice, contagious smirk,
her grin, her smile, that gorgeous work
of DNA and years of toil
by ‘Rents who cared and tried to foil

the curse of sin that lies within
the souls of guys with drool on chin
who’ll vow to save her from all harms
by holding her in big, strong arms,

when way down, really deep inside,
their secret needs they deeply hide,
‘cause they fear if they reveal
their deepest needs that she won’t deal

with their inner selfishness
or surrender to their mess
by forgetting all the past,
facing forward for a blast.

Can I warn within this verse
the dangers of your gorgeous curves,
encouraging you to really try
to filter through those selfish guys,

to search for true humility
in one who’ll in reality
choose to fully dedicate
himself to serve your needful plate

with honor and integrity,
and peace, so you can really be
reflections of the Master’s plan,
for harmony within the band?

Words arranged with subtle charm
can’t deflect all suitors harms.
You must grow to your full height,
your life to live I cannot slight,

so with tears I’ll say fare-well,
but you can always ring my bell
to remember you in prayer
for God’s blessings and His care

so that you can really be
fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams,
and become a beacon strong
in your path where you belong.



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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