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by Steve Wessels
© 5-14-06 Ė Motherís Day
Dedicated to my Lord and Carol

Of Chocolate this ode is born
itís tasty bits are wrote
to celebrate the Bunnyís ears
and banana-splitting boats.

Much has been writ of chocolate
and many studies done,
of how itís either good for you
or harmful in the run.

Many live a prosperous life
from chocolate variants -
investors getting filthy rich
from deadly decadence.

It brings such joy and happiness
and adds pounds to our frames;
it keeps us wide awake at night
and is the cause of blame.

I guess itís not a need for me
that keeps me from a rage
where cops are called to calm me down
or put me in a cage,

But this I know, this one thing sure,
between my wife and I,
a box of chocolates so pure
can vanish like a fly.

Her steely glare is all I see
between my giant bites
to sense the need to run away
and hide out Ďtil the night.

But this I hope and trust and pray
that Heaven will so hold
such treats without a consequence
and of such joys so bold.



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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