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By Steve Wessels @ Hispoetry.com
© 12-25-04 - From Hebrews 11:6


Have you ever met a friend
from years ago,
an old flame,
a decade or two removed?

Remember talks of names revered,
of dreams or parents memories cheered,
hopes of meeting heroes true,

Suppose the Pres of these U.S.
stopped to chat awhile
or Phil or Ophrah called to ask
what is your point of view?

Have you ever prayed real hard
and waited years in vain
for God to reveal Himself
to ease the bloody strain?

We’ve all heard the tales of old
that challenged Him to say
Just what He thinks or wants
to plainly show His Way?

I met someone the other day
Natalya is her name,
and realized all over again
the power in His name.

Two decades passed after the time
Mike’s Ex had screamed “Divorce!”
I helped him fight throughout those years
to fight her evil force.

At times I’d stop and pray a bit
for God to intervene,
to shower Mike with His true love
and blessings so supreme

with some special, lovely girl
who’d drop his jaw a bit
and meet his kiss with passion true
fulfilling God’s true wit.

Then he called a few months back
he said he’d met someone
from Belarus, from overseas
from chance encounter done.

Times did pass and roses bloomed
before the day arrived
when Michael vowed before the Lord
to trust his lovely bride.

They stopped by here the other day
to rest and chat a spell,
I got to say with all my heart
“It’s good to meet you well!”

I’ve prayed for you in decades past
before you ever knew
where God had planned your path to go
His measures so sure.

You’ve left your home and all you know
to chance a life with Mike
Like Ruth of old you’ve chosen well
his love and life will spike.

It’s good to meet you, Natalya sweet
you’ll always be welcome here,
we’ll shower you with prayers so strong
and fellowship secure.



PERMISSION FOR USE: The following may be reprinted without prior permission for non-commercial use on the condition that the text is not changed and credit is given for the copyright.


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